Cyber criminals, like bullies, pick on the weak and defenceless

You’ve probably all experienced it. The smallest kid in the school gets picked on by the bullies. It’s the same with cyber criminals. They are the bullies, and small businesses are the victims of their cyber attacks.

There is a misconception that cyber criminals only go after big organisations. Not so, small businesses are an attractive target because they are typically less protected.

If you are in business, you have something the criminals want. It could be your customer’s information, your intellectual property, or your ability to pay a ransom.

Unlike conventional crime, most cyber attacks are automated and random. Criminals have software programs called ‘bots’ (picture tiny robots if it helps) searching the internet, day and night, to find unprotected computers. – ones that don’t have up-to-date anti-virus, patching or other protections in place. If your computers are like this, they will find you. It’s just a matter of time.

A cyber attack is like a heart attack for your business. It can take days to weeks, to months to recover attack. Small organisations can ill afford to be out of action for that long.

Whether you have one computer or one hundred, here at Outfox, we give local businesses peace of mind by helping you to be more cyber resilient.

Don’t be a victim to cyber-attacks. Get cyber resilient today.

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