About us

Fox sleeping, all curled up, tired from fighting bad guys.

Our story

Cyber resilience is not just for the big wigs.

This is what Jan, our Founder and cyber expert, realised when she was part of the big wigs. A topic that is techy and overwhelming, Jan has seen many smaller businesses being foxed by the wolves that lurk the digital jungle. While there are many tools, solutions, and interest in keeping the larger businesses safe – the smaller guys seem to be at a loss.

This is the reason why we exist. To outfox the bad guys, empowering small and medium organisations to be cyber resilient in their journey of growth.

With good friend and fellow cyber expert Wendy joining the team – we became Outfox, the women in cyber resilience. For something that has been a man’s world, we’re here to change the narrative. Cyber resilience is for everyone, for everyday – and this is what we strive for. Our goal is to make cyber resilience more accessible, understandable and affordable and we’re passionate about growing with businesses, sharpening their agility, instincts and wits – akin to a fox uncovering wolves in sheep’s clothing.

While there’s no silver bullet to prevent cyber attacks, we sure can prepare ourselves for one. And that is what we’re here for.

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Our mission statement

At Outfox we understand that a cyber-attack can destroy people’s lives.

We believe that people deserve to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their organisation is protected.

Meet the team

Photo of Jan, our founder, co-owner, and principal cyber specialist.

Jan Thornborough

Founder, Managing Director,
Cyber Resilience Specialist

Outfox’s founder Jan Thornborough is an experienced cyber expert.

Prior to setting up her own business, Jan was head of the Cyber Resilience Unit at New Zealand’s National Cyber Security Centre, helping nationally significant organisations become more cyber resilient.

She founded Outfox in 2021 (under its original name of Intelligensia) after realising that although big organisations were dealing with cyber risks, small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations were being left behind.

Photo of Wendy, our co-owner, and principal cyber specialist.

Wendy Bennett

Cyber Resilience Specialist

Wendy brings a wealth of information and cybersecurity experience to Outfox.

She has experience working in both the public and private sectors for the past 8 years and has been focused on ensuring that some of New Zealand’s most significant organisations are cyber resilient. She has held information security leadership roles with the New Zealand Police and the National Cyber Security Centre.

Until now, Wendy has been largely focused on the development of policy, standards, and guidance for the New Zealand public sector. She is passionate about cybersecurity and thinks that no business should be left behind. She is dedicated to ensuring New Zealand’s small to medium businesses are as well positioned as the big guys to defend their businesses against cyber-attacks.

Ian Thornborough

Cyber Resilience Advisor

Ian has had a long and varied career in the IT industry, giving him a wide-ranging skill base.

He started off his career as a software developer on mainframe computers. He then switched tracks to computer system management, eventually becoming the IT National Technical Manager for AgResearch, a major government research department. Wanting to get back to his roots, he then switched back to software development, most recently working as a Senior Developer at Xero.

Ian is an advocate for ensuing businesses have the right protections in place and has changed hats (again) to help Outfox.

Ross Petherick


Ross has over 20 years’ experience in project delivery and business process improvement across a variety of sectors.

He thrives on developing practical processes and solutions to make people’s lives easier.

His passion to build processes has led him to Outfox, where he is keen to help us with our internal processes, so we can provide the best service possible.

Chris Robinson

Event Coordinator,
Girl Friday

Chris is our fabulous and completely indispensable Event Coordinator & Girl Friday.

She takes care of Outfox’s administrative work, so the team can focus on our core mission of making New Zealand more cyber resilient one business at a time.

Jenna Sayring

Business & Data Analyst

Jenna is a contractor for Outfox.

She provides Outfox with support in business analysis, quality assurance, and data analysis.

She believes in our mission and is dedicated to helping us make businesses more cyber resilient.

Picture of black Labrador dog Millie, Chief Morale Officer of Outfox.


Chief Morale Officer

Millie joined us as a trainee Guide Dog for Blind Low Vision NZ, but needed a career change.

She was the perfect applicant for a new role in the team as Chief Morale Officer, which she readily accepted on the proviso she got a pay rise (more treats).

Picture of golden Labrador puppy Monty, intern to CMO.


Intern to Chief Morale Officer

Monty is the latest recruit in the Outfox team.

He will be working as an unpaid intern to the Chief Morale Officer whenever he is not training for his primary future job as a Guide Dog for Blind Low Vision NZ.