When cyber resilience & field hockey meet

When the opportunity to sponsor the Tasman women’s 50s age group masters hockey team came about, here is why we said yes!

This week Outfox is bringing together two very different disciplines and skill sets: field hockey and cyber resilience! We are proud to support this amazing group of women in their campaign to outfox their competition at the 2024 Vantage National Masters Tournament being played in Wellington, February 25th to March 2nd.

One of our directors used to play alongside several members of this team, and she couldn’t resist the opportunity to put her mark on the team, even if she can no longer be on the field with them!

There are also striking similarities between field hockey and cyber resilience:

  • Strong defence: just as a hockey team needs to protect and defend their own goal, an organisation needs to put defences in place to protect their systems from attack.
  • Adaptation: being able to adapt to constantly changing circumstances is the best way to protect yourself and stay one step ahead of opponents.
  • Bounce back: you need to withstand and recover from an attacking force and be able to bounce back from setbacks.
  • Continuously train: team members, no matter how skilled they are, need to continuously train to maintain a good set of baseline skills and learn new skills, so they can outfox the competition.

Outfox is proud to support this team and are proud to support them on their journey to outfox the competition.

Much like we help organisations to outfox cybercriminals.

Women's hockey team wearing new Outfox sponsored shirts
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