It’s a Barbie world… for scammers

The Barbie movie is a hit, and not just with movie goers. McAfee say they have seen a surge in Barbie-related scams, as scammers try to cash in on the pink phenomena just as much as Hollywood. Any popular event is good for scammers, and the Barbie movie is a scammer’s perfect storm, as it appeals not only to adults but to children, who are much more likely to fall for scams.

McAfee say they have already detected over 100 new pieces of malware with Barbie-themed names.

Scam websites and social media posts are popping up like weeds, touting Barbie-themed apps and add-ons, and free or dubbed versions of the movie. In reality, what you’ll get is a file containing a massive payload of malware, often including spyware designed to capture personal information and login details.

Scammers are also targeting popular video services with videos directing people to websites or Discords to get cheap or free tickets to the movie. Again, these try to get you to download a file loaded with malware, or try to gather personal and financial information to aid in identity theft.

Don’t fall for these scams. If it seems too good to be true, it probably actually is.

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